18 Months - Age 3

Materials to purchase: Music Play CD

Children and their accompanying adult engage in song, chant, and movement activities, in a small group setting, to acculturate to different meters and tonalities, the building blocks of music. Classes are 45 minutes, with 15 minutes reserved for parent education. 


Age 4-Age 6/7

Also an appropriate supplement for older beginner lessons.

Materials to purchase: Keyboard Games Book A (Book B upon completion of Book A)

Lessons at this level are considered "informal guidance." Regular practice is not yet required, nor should it be forced. Regular LISTENING is required. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure their child is listening to the assigned recordings. Keyboard Games are very short, highly patterned pieces designed to get students familiar with the keyboard and establish a solid sense of rhythm in duple and triple meters. The sequencing is well thought out and purposeful. These pieces should be learned IN ORDER, but students are welcome and encouraged to listen to any/all of them as much as they want.


Age 7/8 and up, or upon completion of KEYBOARD GAMES A and B

Materials to purchase: Student Book 1 and the Pattern CD

Lessons at this level are considered "formal guidance." Regular listening and practice habits should have naturally developed by this time and at-home practice is expected for optimal progression. For a complete explanation of the student books and their accompanying supplements, visit Students will also learn a variety of solos as they advance through the Music Moves series.