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Keyboard Games A Coloring Book

Inspired by the first beginner book of Marilyn Lowe's Music Moves for Piano method, this coloring book is a companion to Keyboard Games, Book A. Teachers of group classes can use it in lessons to keep students quietly occupied while having one-on-one time with each student. Parents can encourage more listening at home by having "listen and color" time. Students can color, and connect with their pieces, as they listen to the accompanying audio files.

Keyboard Games A Coloring Book (Hard Copy)

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Full Digital Studio License


Print any image anytime, forever.

Let's say you have 4 Keyboard Games students, using the coloring book, each year.

Coloring books are $12 each + shipping.

That's $52 total.

10 years | $171 Savings

20 years | $691 Savings

Full Studio License

Set of 10 Studio License


Choose any 10 images to print anytime, forever.

Let's say you only want to use coloring pages once in a while, but don't need all 30 pages.

Individual image licenses are $15.

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Special Offer

Let's say you get a license for 10 images, then decide you love using them and want the rest of the book.

No problem! You pay the difference.